Virtual Reality

Voyant Pictures creates virtual reality content in Unreal Engine primarily for Oculus Rift platform. From a background of 3D animation, the transition to VR content production is a natural extension, yet the resulting products are a massive leap forward in terms of consumer appreciation. Consider being able to walk into a space that looks and feels life size and lifelike, where you may be able to interact with objects in a natural way. We eagerly await for the next generation of VR visors that do not require to be physically tethered to a computer via cables.

There are related technologies that resemble virtual reality in some ways, such as stereo video and 360 video. While they lack in terms of interaction, particularly 360 stereo video has great potential to be the "next best" thing behind full-blown VR.

"It's Delovely" is a virtual reality music video made for Shirley Sparks Music in 2017. The original was made to be viewable in VR on the Oculus Rift and featured the performers in stereo 3D in full VR environment. The above video was made from the same set of assets, rendered in 2D for ease of online viewing.